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LiU receives funding for Working Life and Social Research

Projects with a focus on Internet and computer-based support were popular when the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (FAS) distributed €1,45 million for research in the areas of working life and quality of life. The biggest winners were LiU’s hearing researchers, who received €800,000.

This year FAS received slightly fewer applications for funding, a total of 759, and approximately every tenth project were successful in receiving funding. More than €12,5 million was on offer for research projects and two-year long post doctoral projects.

In addition, FAS provided grants for two programmes to support research on disability. One of these went to LiU's hearing research project within the Linnaeus Centre HEAD.

Gerhard Andersson , professor of Clinical Psychology at the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning (IBL), boosted funds by €575, 000 for his research into the use of modern information technology to reach and treat people with hearing problems.

Jerker Rönnberg professor at IBL and research leader of Head, was awarded €190,000 for cognitive hearing science and modelling of speech comprehension.

Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning also received €145,000 for Per Carlbring’s research on social phobia.

Klaas Wijma, professor of Medical Psychology the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, now has an additional €145,000 to compare Internet-based therapy with traditional cognitive behavioural therapy in the treatment of severe fear of childbirth.

Margareta Hyden, professor at the Department of Child Studies (Tema Barn), received €135,000 for her research on male violence against women in close relationships and for a study of the perpetrators' social networks.

Two grants went to the Department of Medical and Health Sciences. Preben Bendtsen, professor, received €115,000 to implement computer-based lifestyle counselling in primary care. A postdoctoral grant of nearly €165,000 was awarded to Ulrika Müssener for research on sick leave and society’s treatment of people on sick leave.

Therese Winder 2009-11-26

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Last updated: 2009-11-26