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Didactic network headed by LiU researcher

Jonte Bernhard, docent at the Department of Science and Technology (ITN), has been awarded a grant from NordForsk to coordinate the research network, Nordic Network for Engineering Education Research.

“Engineering didactics is a new topic. LiU established it as a subject part of postgraduate training in 2004, which we were among the first in the world to do”, says Jonte Bernhard.

Through the money from NordForsk, (about 100,000 Euros over three years) the scientists who specialise in teaching and learning in engineering sciences are given the opportunity to exchange experiences in their own Nordic-Baltic network.

“I expect that we will arrange an initial conference in Norrköping next spring”, says the newly appointed coordinator Jonte Bernhard.

He has also been elected chairman of the Working group on Engineering Education Research within the European Society for Engineering Education.

Therese Winder 2009-11-17

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Last updated: 2009-11-17