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Meet the future research stars

2009 Research associates

The six new research associates are now here

From robots that can see to economic perspectives of the art market. There is a wide range amongst the young researchers in the 2009 intake of research associates.

The LiU research associate initiative means that four or five posts are advertised internationally each year and what sets it apart from the standard recruitment is that the university is not looking for specific research areas but it is the excellence of the researchers that determines if they are accepted. The aim is for them to create their own research team and to support them they are given a financial start-up grant and training in leadership skills and other relevant areas.

On Tuesday 22 September the five new recruits and one from last year’s intake present their research.

The programme consists of:

Robots that can see – why do we need them, and how can we build them? – Per-Erik Forssén, Department of Electrical Engineering

What can we learn from listening to the conversations between nerve cells? – Björn Granseth, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Three economic perspectives of the art market – Camilla Josephson, Department of Management and Engineering

Interferon alpha in arthritis – friend or foe? – Mattias Magnusson, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine.

Seeing the invisible – characterization of protein excited states by NMR spectroscopy – Patrik Lundström, The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The hottest new material in nanotechnology? – Chariya Virojanadara, The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

When: 22 September 15.00-17.00

Where: Sal Planck, Fysikhuset, Campus Valla, Linköping

Therese Winder 2009-09-18

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