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Concert for new arrivals

A one hour concert for new students takes place in Kårallen, Capus Valla in the evening on Wednesday 19 August. Student male voice choir Likhören and the women’s choir Linnea join forces with the academic orchestra Linköping University Symphony Orchestra (LAO) to introduce themselves to new arrivals.

Three of the university’s music ensembles are taking the opportunity to promote their offerings right in the middle of the introduction activities, ‘nolle-p’, by offering a free concert in the Kårallen restaurant at 19.30.

For obvious reasons there is a need for student music groups to constantly replenish themselves and this is a chance to increase their visibility. In addition they will also be present to provide information during the main event for new students, Kalasmottagningen in Cloetta Centre, and all three ensembles are hosting open rehearsals in Musicum in C-house during the month of September.

“Students who want to can even gain academic points in orchestral music or choir singing”, says Hans Lundgren, Director Musices and conductor for Linköping University male voice choir Lihkören.

Therese Winder 2009-08-13

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