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LiU PhD student awarded diploma at High Pressure conference

Olga Vekilova

Olga Vekilova with her diploma

PhD student Olga Vekilova was honoured for her work on the high-pressure high-temperature properties of iron at the International Conference on High Pressure Science and Technology held in Tokyo, Japan.

“It was unexpected and really exciting. It feels good to bring this award to Linköping University. I am just a second year PhD student, so the recognition from the large community of high-pressure scientists indicates that we are on the right way in our research. I hope the continuation will be at least as good as the beginning”, says Olga

High pressure science and technology has become an indispensable tool in various areas of modern science such as Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Science, Materials Science, and Biosciences.

452 participants, including 96 students, from 24 countries participated in the conference. Out of the works submitted by students the top six were selected by the International AIRAPT Committee and the winners, including Olga, were awarded the honorary diploma during the Conference closing ceremony.

The biennial AIRAPT (International Association for the Advancement of High Pressure Science) conference is the most prestigious scientific event in the world of High-pressure physics. This time it was held for the 22nd time.

Olga's scientific advisor is Professor Igor Abrikosov, Head of Theory and Modeling Division at the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Therese Winder 2009-08-13

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