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CMIV present at EU ministerial meeting

Anders Persson and Göran Hägglund, Minister for Health and Social Affairs

Anders Persson and Göran Hägglund, Minister for Health and Social Affairs

The Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) presented their visualisation table for the first time at yesterday’s meeting of EU health ministers.

During the meeting the Swedish EU Presidency arranged five media seminars to discuss current topics and showcase cutting edge research. The subject areas were chosen to provide background to the health related questions discussed at the meeting. CMIV were to present the latest addition to their already high profile research.

The seminars were held in conjunction with a technical exhibition where Linköping University was the sole research institution given the opportunity to present their current research.

“Being the only researchers invited to share the latest in our research was definitely an honour”, says Anders Persson, Director of CMIV.

The new visualisation table is a proof of concept within medical visualisation. It is initially intended to be used as a demonstrator within virtual autopsy projects but other usage areas could be within education, to perform diagnostics on live patients and in demonstrations at museums, to name a few.

The technique used in the table is already utilised successfully as a compliment to the conventional autopsy. In addition to the benefit of avoiding cutting the body, doctors can see things that are difficult to discover in a conventional autopsy. Furthermore, the technique opens up for new opportunities in countries where autopsies are not accepted due to cultural reasons. The technique can also revolutionise traditional health care in many areas.

“The images generated can be very useful for forensic science. For example if a person has died from strangulation there are often gases present in the throat which can not be detected in a traditional autopsy but the virtual autopsy will show these”, Anders Persson explains.

EU ministers from the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO) held an informal meeting in Jönköping on 6–7 July. The meeting was one of the first major gatherings of ministers in Sweden during the Swedish EU presidency. The purpose was to discuss important common issues, such as access to effective antibacterials and the prevention of alcohol-related harm.

For further information about CMIV please visit their homepage at The Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV)

Therese Winder 2009-07-08

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