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24 million SEK for research on super materials

LiU professor Magnus Oden is one of the beneficiaries when the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research invests in materials research. Through a grant of 24 million SEK over five years he is going to develop new super materials.

“I'm pleased. It is of course great to have the money to do what I want to do”, says Magnus Odén, Professor of Materials Science at Linköping University.

The money is to be used by the research team to develop new materials capable of dealing with extreme conditions such as high temperatures and pressures.

“The aim is to build thin films, super hard layers, which could then coat items such as tools used for cutting. And there are several interesting applications in terms of abrasion-resistant layers.”

To obtain materials with optimal properties a computer simulation is first performed to see which materials seem to have most potential. The next step is to manufacture these with thin film technology and then to finally test the materials - something that happens at a synkroton facility outside of Chicago in the U.S.

“Here we can study how materials change when exposed to high temperatures and pressures. We test from room temperature to 1400 degrees Celsius and from ambient pressure to 10 GPa”, says Magnus Odén.

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research provided 225 million SEK for materials research, with Magnus Odén receiving the largest allocation.

Therese Winder 2009-06-10

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