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Lkpg.nu by LiU alumni and student

Lkpg.nu and Nkpg.nu are two web-based event guides aimed at visitors and residents in Linköping and Norrköping, not just students as the pedigree might suggest.

Of the three creators, Erik Eriksson, Anna Gustafsson and Martin Björnsson, Erik and Martin attended LiU’s Computer Science and Engineering programme and Anna is currently studying "Information Retrieval and New New Media" in Norrköping, the latest in a row of LiU courses.

"While I was arranging events and distributing flyers, I knew about everything that was going on, and saw that it was really a lot - and I hated it when people said that nothing happened." says Anna Gustafsson. "But when I quit, I soon found myself saying the same thing."

"Yes, either you're in the loop, or you don't get to know anything", says Martin Björnsson. "The lack of public poster boards in downtown Linköping also contributes to this. It all seemed really silly after a while, and we had all the possibilities to do something about it - so we did."

In 2006 they launched Lkpg.nu and a little later Nkpg.nu, as their contribution to making life in the region a little more interesting.

The websites provide easy access to events and aims to increase visitor numbers for the event producers, as well as the number of events for people living in both cities, and all of Östergötland. The range of events is impressive, from theatre and pub gigs to student meetings and sports events. The service is also contributor friendly, event promoters can publish their events instantly without even needing to log on.

"We try to minimise all unnecessary obstacles to get people to publish", Martin Björnsson says. "But if you get an account you can update your event after you've published it, and get a few more convenient functions."

In an effort to ensure non-Swedish speakers can use the sites, the team have recently launched a translate function via Google translate.

Through the click of a button the page can be translated on the fly and, whilst not providing word perfect English, will enable users to easier find events and actively participate in the cultural offerings in Linköping and Norrköping.

"The larger impact the University and especially the foreign students and teachers have on Linköping, the more fun the town will be to live in", says Martin Björnsson. "So, hopefully you'll like our service and use it - and we'll see you downtown!"

Therese Winder 2009-05-29

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