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Another successful iDay

Turkish dancing at iDay fair

Turkish dancing at iDay

The fourth annual iDay took place today, Monday May 11, in Colloseum in the C-house. The successful fair was arranged by International Students Association, ISA, and offered plenty of food, music and dancing.

The visitor numbers seem to increase each year. It is packed, loud, hot and fun – with plenty of tasty morsels from all corners of the world. No burgers and chips in sight!

Participants from over 20 countries put up their stalls with images, clothes, trinkets and plate after plate with traditional food from their home countries. This year the performances were many and varied; Iranian music, Turkish dancing, a Chinese clothes show, Taiwanese bamboo dancing to name a few. The typically Swedish ‘tipspromenad’, a combined walk and quiz competition with a quiz question at each stall, added a Swedish flavour to the events. The day ended with the traditional barbecue in the evening.

iDay 2008 saw over 1000 visitors and judging by today’s crowd this figure could well have been surpassed!

Therese Winder 2009-05-11

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