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Alumni Day and launch of Fund of U

LiU Alumni Day takes place on April 18, with lectures about research or by former students covering topics as diverse as small talk, crisis and climate, Linköping Hockey Club’s (LHC) path to the top and how to become a millionaire. Alumni Day also sees the launch of LiU Fund of U, a fundraising project for LiU alumni wanting to support smaller LiU projects.

LiU alumni can expect a real reunion day, from early lunch to late night – or early morning if the oldies still have it in them! The day finishes with a dinner at Kårallen and perhaps includes a nostalgic visit to Herrgårn….

Circus LiU kicks-off at 11.00 and after a lunch for all attendees several lectures take place, including some about current research. Anders Persson, Director of the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), and an award winner for his internal images of the human body, delivers a lecture about how the invisible can be made visible.

Christian Berggren, Professor in Industrial Management, talks about the necessity of connecting crisis and climate politics to create a basis for long-term innovation and adjustment. Viveka Adelswärd, Professor Emeritus and conversation researcher, also attends to speak about why we should not look down on daily small talk.

Mike Helber, President of LHC, shares the story of how the hockey club went from being a small club to one of the largest in Sweden and Per Håkan Börjesson, CEO for Investment AB Spiltan gives a talk on how we can all become millionaires.

There is also a panel discussion with LiU alumni who have become ‘famous’, one panellist is Åke Svensson, CEO of Saab.

In conjunction with Alumni Day LiU launches a new fundraising venture, LiU Fund of U. This is aimed at alumni and others who want to support smaller LiU projects they consider important. This could be supporting promising researchers or contributing to students’ physical environment, to name but a few ideas. In other words it is a opportunity to shape the future of LiU.

Gunilla Bergstrand, project manager for the fundraising campaign, says:

”LiU wants to find opportunities for individual alumni to help with matters we would not normally be able to fund but that have a big impact on students and researchers. It is also a way of sharing information about what we do and involve the alumni in our work, something many have requested.”

In April and May around 3000 alumni will be contacted via telephone and receive information about opportunities to support selected projects. They will be phoned by students currently studying on their old degree programmes. It is also an opportunity for the alumni to find out about what is going on at LiU and in their old subject field.

The LiU Fund of U website launches shortly after Alumni Day. It allows visitors to follow fundraising related to various projects and provides an opportunity to donate directly via the web using a credit or debit card.

Telephone fundraising aimed at alumni is a common occurrence in the USA and Gunilla Bergstrand is convinced it will work in Sweden too:

“Our alumni have indicated that they want to help LiU in this way and we have worked with them to develop this concept. I see great potential for success in Sweden too, but I think it will take some time before we see large sums of money.”

Therese Winder 2009-04-08

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