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Teacher exchanges to inspire students to study abroad

In April the government introduces a bill for increased internationalisation in higher education in Sweden. Included is the proposal to increase funding for teacher exchanges as this has shown to inspire students to follow in their footsteps and study abroad.

“The teachers are important. They often undertake short exchanges but build important networks and by doing this set examples to their students. By knowing the culture of other countries they are able to help their students ensure studies abroad count towards their degrees”, says Lars Leijonborg, Minister for Higher Education and Research.

According to the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education the main reason teachers do not undertake foreign exchanges is lack of funds.

The government will now invest 20 million SEK (1.8 million Euros) in 2010 and 2011. The money is to cover expenses for the teacher travelling abroad but it also covers the salary for a temporary teacher whilst the exchange is taking place.

As teachers often undertake short exchanges the 20 million SEK is expected to enable 500 teachers to visit an institution abroad. This would mean a doubling of the number of teachers travelling abroad on exchanges.


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Last updated: 2009-06-03