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Strategic cooperation between LiU and Umeå University

Curt Karlsson, University Director of Linköping University and Åsa Bergenheim, Pro-Rector of Umeå Un

LiU and Umeå University are embarking on a collaboration to further develop teaching and research at both universities and to boost their positions nationally and internationally.

”This is a unique collaboration not based on geographic closeness but sprung from a common standpoint on important political issues concerning education and research. Both universities have high ambitions and in many areas supplement each other”, says Mille Millnert, Rector at LiU.

“Our universities are similar and we share the same views on future developments in many issues. We have separately worked on raising the profile of our research and aimed to raise the quality and renew undergraduate education at our respective university. This has led to a positive development for the two universities”, says Göran Sandberg, Rector at Umeå University.

The two Rectors emphasise the very strong position the universities are in as re-inventors of Swedish university education. Linköping and Umeå universities have between them won four out of seven national awards for ‘Centres of Excellence in Higher Education’.

Some areas for cooperation have already been identified, such as development of Master programmes, scrutiny of research applications, support with investigations into suspected cheating in research projects, teacher exchanges, management development and commercialisation.

A group of five representatives from each university will be responsible for the coordination of the collaboration. The main areas for collaboration will be:

- Education

- Research

- Skills development of teachers

- Development of management

- Administrative development

- External relations

LiU and Umeå University have many similarities. The were both established around the same time, have similar sized student population and amount of employees, similar financial turnover and a largely similar structure for education and research areas.

At the same time there are differences; Umeå University has a larger base in the natural sciences whereas LiU’s strength is more in technical education and research.

Photo: Curt Karlsson, University Director of Linköping University and Åsa Bergenheim, Pro-Rector of Umeå University signing the cooperation agreement (both Rectors were unable to attend).


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Last updated: 2009-06-03