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Fundraising campaign launched

Inger Stern, Fredrik Lundberg, Bo Dankis and Mille Millnert. Photo: Göran Billeson

Inger Stern, Fredrik Lundberg, Bo Dankis and Mille Millnert. Photo: Göran Billeson

Linköping University’s fundraising campaign Expanding Excellence was launched on Wednesday 11 March with the announcement of four new donations. The aim of the campaign is to raise 250 million SKr (approx 22,5 million Euros) towards research projects by the end of 2010.

The key message of the campaign is ‘Research for a better world’, with research focused on three main areas: quality of life and health, work and economic growth, and climate and sustainability.

Speaking at the press conference Rector Mille Millnert believes this campaign sends out a positive message in the current economic climate.

“Right now most things are down in society. We believe there is a need for positive messages, somebody shining a light in the darkness. I firmly believe that now is the right time to launch these types of initiatives.”

There is much to suggest he is right. The campaign has already attracted 175 million SKr (16 million Euros) in research funds. One of the latest donations comes from the L E Lundberg Foundation for Education and Research. Its representative, Fredrik Lundberg, CEO of LE Lundbergföretagen, who together with other prominent representatives from industry, academia and culture, is an active member of the campaign committee says:

“LiU is an important force not only in Östergötland but in the whole of Sweden and has gained more and more respect. Financing research of mutual benefit is something I believe would suit many companies.”

Alumnus Bo Dankis, committee chairman and CEO of Perstorp AB, says “Part of our task is to open doors through making use of our large network of contacts”.

The latest donations are for building logistics, childhood diabetes and cancer research.

The Lars-Erik Lundberg professorship in building logistics will be financed for 10 years at a cost of 15 million SKr (1,4 million Euros) by the L E Lundberg Foundation for Education and Research.

Thanks to this donation LiU is now able to create yet another dynamic research environment at the Department of Technology and Natural Science in Norrköping. The foundations of this will be a broad undergraduate-level training programme covering building technology, communication and transport systems and logistics in society, as well as a research group in quantitative logistics. LiU also participates in Brains and Bricks, a research centre for high technology building in Katrineholm.

The childhood diabetes research is strengthened through collaboration with the insurance company Östgöta Brandstodsbolag, who will contribute three million SKr (270,000 Euros) over 10 years.

The researchers at the Department of Paediatrics focus on type-1 diabetes in children and young adults. The main aim is to prevent some instances of the illness. The donation ensures the current work to identify and treat high risk children in the ABIS, All Babies in South East Sweden, project can continue.

“Childhood diabetes is an illness that affects us as an insurer and we want to contribute to maintaining LiU’s leading position in this area of research. Our hopes are that the research will improve the odds for children and young adults with diabetes and that one day the illness will be preventable” says Anders Östryd, CEO of Östgöta Brandstodsbolag.

Cancer research at LiU is further strengthened by local fund Östgötaregionens Cancerfond being named beneficiary in two wills. Östgötaregionens Cancerfond finances research at the Faculty of Health Sciences at LiU. The donations together total 2 million SKr (180,000 Euros).


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Last updated: 2009-06-03