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LiU partner in fibre composites centre

Kerstin Johansen

Kerstin Johansen

Fibre composites are a light, strong material that is more and more in demand, not least in the transport industry. To develop production techniques for the material, Compraser, a centre where four Linköping companies are collaborating with Linköping University and KTH, the Royal University of Technology, has now been established.

Fibre composites are built from plastic with a reinforcement of carbon fibre, for example. They were introduced in the aerospace industry and are now regarded as the material of the future for car manufacture.

Several of the foremost companies in the area are located in Linköping. Those now starting Compraser are Saab AB, Applied Composites AB, RUAG Space AB, and Exova AB. The effort is supported by the Municipality of Linköping through NuLink, an economic development company, and in addition to LiU and KTH, the research institute Swerea Sicomp is included as a collaborating partner.

Kerstin Johansen, lecturer in production technology, is leading LiU’s involvement in the centre.

“We view this as a good opportunity to develop an interesting research platform for production technology, adapted for materials of the future. Collaboration can also provide our students with good industrial relevance in their instruction, connected with the challenges of future industrial production technology,” she says.

Torgny Stenholm, CEO of Applied Composites AB, is the chairman of Compraser. According to him, focus will lie on solving industrial problems and developing industrial technology for fibre composite-based products.

“Improved production techniques and more automation are necessary for the Swedish industry to retain its competitiveness. The collaboration between industry, academia, and the public sector is needed to achieve a good basis for the development we require,” he says.


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Last updated: 2010-12-22