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New admission rules for international Master’s programmes

Successive admission to LiU international Master’s programmes after the application deadline. New rules are being introduced to stop the expected drop in applications from countries outside the EEC when tuition fees are introduced.

The tuition fees being introduced in 2011 for students from outside the EEC are expected to entail a substantially reduced press of applications, mainly to the international Master’s programmes.

To improve recruitment from Swedish students or students from other countries inside the EEC, Rector Mille Millnert has decided to introduce new admission rules for LiU international Master’s programmes.

The new rules mean that those who apply before the application deadline on January 15 will be admitted after selection round 1.

But it will also be possible to apply after that, namely to courses that have places open after the first round of admissions.

Up until the absolute deadline of April 20, it will be possible to conduct successive admission. Applicants who are qualified will be admitted in turn until the places are filled.

Therese Winder 2010-11-30

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Last updated: 2010-11-30