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Electronics in clothing

‘Intelligent’ textiles have turned up in the world of fashion, but also open up exciting medical possibilities in fields like home nursing, intensive care, disaster medicine, care of the elderly, and rehabilitation. Clothing with electronic biosensors woven in that can monitor the condition of a patient at home, ‘smart’ materials for healing wounds, and protection in crisis situations are examples of applications that could soon become reality.

In a workshop at Linköping University on November 24, leading Swedish and international researchers will present the latest trends in this rapidly growing field of research.

The ‘Smart Textiles – New Tools for Health’ workshop is being arranged by the Linköping Center for Life Science Technologies (LIST). Among the participants are Professor Anthony P F Turner, Linköping University; Dr. Rita Paradiso, Smartex Laboratories, Italy; Dr. Christopher Klatt, Freudenberg Forschungsdienste, Germany; Professor Corrado Di Natale, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy; and Dr. Nils-Krister Persson and Dr. Leif Sandsjö, Smart Textile, Borås.

LiU is spearheading research within sensor studies and plastic electronics, with several areas of significance for the development of intelligent textiles. Professor Anthony Turner, world-famous biosensor researcher and the originator of such things as the glucose pen used by millions of diabetics, has just moved to Linköping University from Cranfield University in England. He will head up the area of research in biosensors and bioelectronics.

For information about the workshop programme, time, and place please see:

Therese Winder 2010-11-16

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