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New Grants to LiU Researchers from Swedish Research Council

The LiU cutting edge will be sharpened by the funding secured through Swedish Research Council (SRC) allocations.

SRC underwrites LiU research in the natural sciences and engineering to the tune of MSEK 88 (approx 8,3 million Euro). Forty scientists, thirty-three men and seven women, have been notified of the approval of their grant application.

The largest lump sum goes to Erik G. Larsson, Professor in communications systems. He receives MSEK 4.5 for a three-year research project on statistical signal processing for communications receivers.

SRC awards LiUs research in medicine MSEK 34.5 allocated among fifteen projects. The largest single sum goes to Anders Blomqvist, Professor in cell biology—MSEK 3.4 will secure three years of research on central neural mechanisms for homeostatic regulation.

LiU education scientists captured a fourth of the overall sum of MSEK 140 provided by SRC for educational research. Seven projects at our university will be strengthened by MSEK 34.

Dr Lena Tibell, associated with the Swedish National Graduate School in Science and Technology Education Research, FoNTD, received the good news that SRC will contribute a little over MSEK 9.6 for her project: VR and Haptics for Multi-sensory Insights into the Molecular World of Life Science.


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Last updated: 2009-06-03