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Remanufacturing research gets its own periodical

Remanufacturing has both environmental and economic advantages. To meet increased interest in the process, a new scientific periodical is being launched – Journal of Remanufacturing, in which researchers from Linköping University are heavily involved.

Erik Sundin, senior lecturer in Assembly Technology at the Department of Management and Engineering (IEI), will be regional editor for Europe together with Professor Daniel Brissaud at the University of Grenoble in France.

The periodical will be published by Springer, the prestigious scientific publisher, and will practice open access. The first issue comes out in early 2011. The venture is unique in that research in remanufacturing from around the world will be collected in the same periodical. Previously, this research had been published in a number of different types of periodicals within the fields of production, economics, and the environment.

“With this new initiative, we hope to be able to give researchers the world over a quicker introduction, and contribute to increased research quality within the field,” Erik Sundin said.

In remanufacturing, used products are renovated at the factory to be sold to new customers. The products thus normally have a considerably lower price than newly-produced ones, despite often having similar qualities and guarantees.

Researchers in IEI and Assembly Technology have been researching remanufacturing since 1999 under the leadership of Professor Mats Björkman. Since then two Ph.Ds, Erik Sundin and Johan Östlin, have defended their theses in the field.

Therese Winder 2010-10-08

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