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LiU awarded EU Centre of Excellence

European Commission has awarded Linköping University the Diploma Supplement (DS) Label, making LiU a Centre of Excellence in this area. The DS Label is an honorary distinction showing that the institution issues the Diploma Supplement correctly in all respects.

LiU is only one of two Swedish universities to be awarded this label; the other university is Malmö University.

“From 1 January 2003, all diplomas issued by state run universities and colleges should be accompanied by an annex, the Diploma Supplement. This supplement must contain information about the content and the nature of the course that has led to a diploma being awarded. It should also contain information about the Swedish higher education system. The Diploma Supplement is written in both Swedish and in English”, says Janerik Lundquist, who for years has worked towards ensuring that Linköping University's diplomas are accurate in an international perspective.

“The Diploma Supplement will facilitate the recognition of higher education across Europe and also other parts of the world both within academia and in professional life. The intention is to make it easier for graduates to move from one country to another to study or work”.

Diploma Supplement Label Award 2010, is valid for four years, after which it will be reviewed.

“LiU will now be named on the European Commission's website as a ‘Centres of Excellence’. This will be good for advertising purposes now that we are about to introduce tuition fees”, says Janerik Lundquist, who will be in Amsterdam at the beginning of October to accept the award on LiU’s behalf.

Therese Winder 2010-09-30

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