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LiU research is strengthened by government bill

Linköping University will receive a supplementary contribution of 13.6 percent of the block grant for research. An Innovations Office will be established. That good news comes from the government's research and innovation bill.

During the period 2009-2112, Swedish funding of higher education will be augmented with five billion Swedish kronor in supplementary resources. Of this sum, 1.55 billion kronor will be channeled directly into universities and colleges. LiU will receive around MSEK 78.

Block grants are distributed according to a new system whereby educational quality is measured to determine the amount to which each institute of higher learning is entitled. Quality is measured by two criteria: number of publications/citations in qualified scientific journals and how much external funding the research attracts.

The Bill's strategic investments in medicine, engineering and climate issues total 1.8 billion Swedish kronor. These are areas where LiU has cutting-edge research teams to strongly compete for funding resources.

In the sphere of medicine, investments will strengthen seven prominent research areas: molecular biosciences, stem cells and regenerative medicine, diabetes, neuroscience, epidemiology, cancer, psychiatry, and health care.

In high tech and engineering, the main interest will be in nanoscience and nanotechnology, materials science, production engineering, information technology and mobile communications, transportation research, aircraft and space research.

The special areas of interest within climate and environmental research will be power sources, sustainable use of natural resources, impact on natural resources, climate modeling, and ocean science.

Other monies are earmarked for research on national security and emergency management, and policies for geo-economic growth in key regions.

The bill bolsters commercialization of research findings. Linköping University is one of seven academic institutions assigned to establish a regional Innovations Office providing researchers with qualified advisory services on patent issues, licensing and business contracts.


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Last updated: 2009-06-03