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Student recruitment drive earns marketing award

Sweden's Market Association named Linköping University a co-winner of the 2008 Marketer award for last year's promotion for student recruitment.

The honor was earned through a successful publicizing of the university among potential students. The campaign was followed by a substantial increase of enrollments, especially to the engineering study programs.

The October 23 awards ceremony was held in Stockholm during the Association's annual Trend Days. LiU shared the podium with co-winner Ullfrotté, a business enterprise. Last year's award was given for marketing publicity around the reconstructed 18th century East Indiaman, S.S. Götheborg.

"It is certainly a feather in our cap," says Lars Holberg, LiU Director of Communications. "To be publicly affirmed in this manner by a national organization of marketing professionals is an achievement to be proud of.

"This campaign was built on coordinated activities by many participants. The faculties and the educators within the programs all made significant contributions. Special kudos go to the participants from the student body. Not least, the President's Office and the university management were staunch supporters."

Caroline Westroos admirably served as project manager and campaign coordinator. She says, "This award is an incentive and a signal that we had the right road map. No university had ever received the Marketer Award. We are pleased as punch to be the first."


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Last updated: 2009-06-03