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International success for LiU choirs

LiU choir singers. Photo: Merete Ellegaard

Travelling choirs. Photo: Merete Ellegaard

Two third places and a fourth place. LiU choirs Lihkören and Linnea fared well in the face of stiff international competition in Llangollen.

Student choirs from LiU attended Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales for the fourth time. And, no, they couldn’t beat choirs consisting of music college students, such as the winning Filipino choir or the runners up from Indonesia, but they were not far off.

The singing students in Lihkören grabbed a third place in the Male Choirs competition, and achieved the same placement when joining forces with the female choir Linnea in the Mixed Choirs category. Linnea came fourth in the Female Choirs competition.

“Eisteddfod is Celtic and means something like to sit down together, sing and tell stories. The competition in Llangollen started as a kind of peace project after the war”, says Hans Lundgren, conductor of Lihkören who led a choir in Wales for the fourth time. Linnea and the mixed LiU choir were led by Merete Ellegaard.

Three music pieces were performed in each category, which for the 60 singers from LiU meant music works in no less than eight languages! Linnea contribution Ave Maria, composed by Alice Tegner in 1920, was the only one that was sung in Swedish. The rest were in French, Danish, Estonian, English, Hungarian, Russian and Icelandic.

The LiU choirs’ commitment to the competition was also impressive.

“The purpose of travelling to a singing competition is simply to improve our choirs. The singers become more engaged and all the rehearsing leads to amazing performances”, says Hans Lundgren, University Director of Music.

The choirs also had time to give a scheduled concert in Swindon, west of London, in front of around 500 listeners.

Amateurs from around 50 countries competed in music, song and dance at the Llangollen competition between July 6 and 11. Apart from the honour of top-five results the LiU choirs returned with prize sums of £550.

Therese Winder 2010-08-10

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