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Swedish Research Council praises Linnaeus Centre HEAD

HEAD, the interdisciplinary research centre on hearing and deafness, is run jointly by Linköping and Örebro University. In 2008 HEAD, together with 19 other research centres, was given so-called Linnaeus status, which guarantees support from the Swedish Research Council for ten years.

Now the 20 Linnaeus areas have been evaluated by an international panel of experts. HEAD and three other centres received top marks. This means that financial support is increased by 20 percent, to six million Swedish kronor (625K Euros) per year.

Linköping University has two more research environments with Linnaeus status, CADICS, (Control, Autonomy, and Decision-making in Complex Systems) and LiLi-NFM (Linköping Linnaeus Initiative for Novel Functional Materials). CADICS will receive the same amount of funding as before the evaluation and LiLi-NFM started in 2006 which means it was not included in the evaluation this time.

The scientific quality of the areas with Linnaeus status will be evaluated in three years’ time.

Therese Winder 2010-06-16

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Last updated: 2010-11-23