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Staff Exchange Week comes to a successful end

Natalia Roma Masdeu, LiU coordinator, engaged in conversation with visitors during Exchnage Week

Natalia Roma Masdeu, LiU coordinator, engaged in conversation with visitors during Exchnage Week

This week saw the first International Staff Exchange Week at LiU, organised by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, where 17 staff members from nine partner universities took part in a more structured week-long visit.

LiU News caught up with Johanna Persson , Coordinator for international affairs at the faculty, to talk more about the week’s content. “It has been an intense week but I feel it has turned out really well. We have been able to give our visitors a broad picture of LiU.”

A dedicated staff exchange week came about as part of an attempt to offer a better service to visitors. This way it was easier to put together a broad and comprehensive programme, which would have been almost impossible for only a few visitors. There were social events in the evenings, which the faculty coordinators were able to attend too and it made for a really good week. The visits throughout the year have also been very time consuming to arrange. The schedule was set up so that the information suited everybody but there were also individual sessions which were more tailored to the work the individual does at home. Many of the visitors worked within internationalization but also other areas such as building facilities.

The added bonus of having a dedicated week has been the exchanges and networking that has taken place between participants. Participants have been able to learn about how things are done at other universities and have made new friends and contacts. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences organised this week, which was the first of its kind, but were grateful for the readiness with which fellow LiU staff offered to participate and contribute.

“We will now evaluate the week, to see if we can make it even better. The marketing, for example, consisted of sending out invitations by email to our partner universities. Personally I have really enjoyed meeting our visitors and getting to know them, but also the fact that I have learned so much about the rest of the university through listening to all the presentations. One highlight was our visit to Campus Norrköping, where LiU historian Christer Knuthammar told us about the history of the campus. Not just the visitors learned lots of new things.” says Johanna.

The visitors also seemed pleased with the reception throughout their exchange week. Lea from Finland said “I have found the visit very interesting and rewarding, many things are similar to Finland yet there are some differences. We found we face the same challenges. We have been given a very positive impression of Linköping University.“

And Sandra from Lüneburg in Germany agreed with Lea’s praise but also the value added by having a combined visit from lots of universities: “There were lots of opportunities for sharing experiences of how the Erasmus programme is administered; we’ve even found differences in the way it works within Germany. “

Therese Winder 2010-06-11

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