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GenSET - new major EU project to Linköping

A major new EU Framework 7 Gender and Science project, “GenSET”, funded to the tune of over a million euro until 2012, has come to LiU, with Tema Genus as a key partner.

The ambitious project aims to engage leading European science organisations to promote gender equality in science and technology, in dialogues between European science leaders and gender experts across Europe. The LiU Tema Genus researchers involved are Professor Jeff Hearn and Guest Professor Liisa Husu, both of whom have long-term engagement in EU research activities.

GenSET will develop practical ways in which gender knowledge and gender mainstreaming expertise can be incorporated within European science institutions in order to improve individual and collective capacity for action to increase and enhance women’s participation in science. The project involves over 100 participating European science stakeholder organisations in this process. The European Science Foundation, Euroscience, the Fraunhofer Institute, (Germany), and the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education are the patrons of the project.

Five key areas are focused on:

- assessment of women’s work;

- recruitment and retention;

- science knowledge-making;

- research process; and

- science excellence value system.

The dialogue will be facilitated by the GenSET consortium through a range of capacity

building support activities, including consensus seminars, interactive workshops and

dissemination and valorisation events, including one held in LiU.

The planned outcome of GenSET will be increased capability of European institutions to implement gender equality policy recommendations and a strengthened position on research excellence in the European Science Area.

GenSET is coordinated by Portia Ltd, London, a not-for-profit company specialized in gender equality promotion in science, and the other partners, apart from LiU, are Wissenschaftsladen, Vienna, Austria, and the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece.

Therese Winder 2010-05-27

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