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A 24-hour multi-sport competition for students

"JätteJobbigt" is a 24h multi-sport competition with some student influenced elements.

The competition suites everybody from the toughest athletes to those who only like to spend some time out in the spring.

It will be a challenge for all, independent of level of ambition, and may include everything that can be regarded as very strenuous ("jättejobbigt", in Swedish), both physically and psychologically!

Previous years it has included bicycling, running, a lot of carrying of heavy things, canoeing, riddles, identifying diseases, forms for buying on the stock market etc etc

You compete in teams of two persons - so find a friend and sign up already today. If you can't manage to find a team partner, sign up on the singles-list and we try to find someone for you.

The competition takes place the 31 of May to 1 of June.

The cost is 300 SKR per person, but if you sign up before May

1 you receive a 50 SKR discount.

Sign up? Send an e-mail to jj@vild.studorg.liu.se with names of team-members and a team-name. Payment to plusgiro 152 05 50-3, or according to arrangement. Deadline for signing up is May 16.


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