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Linköping University grows

Research and education grew significantly in 2009, shows Linköping University’s annual report.

The number of students increased by 1300 to now stand at 26,500, which is the equivalent of almost 18,000 full-time students. The number of graduates from undergraduate programmes was at a record high of 3,659, while 176 new doctoral graduates put this number slightly lower than last year's peak.

After a few years of minor staff reductions, the number of employees increased by nearly 100 and in December 2009 LiU had 3,564 employees. Virtually the entire increase is found in the university’s core business, i.e., teachers and researchers.

The sharp increase in external research funding, totalling 74 million Euros (+16.5 million Euros), in combination with increased funding for both research and education, resulted in a total revenue of 300 million Euros and a financial surplus of 14 million Euros.

Therese Winder 2010-03-02

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Last updated: 2010-03-02