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Four honorary doctors at LiU

Marie Westrin, head of Ericsson's Development Unit Radio, has been appointed honorary doctor at Linköping University. She will be receive her honorary doctorate, along with Professors Michel Gevers, Richard P Ellen, and Uno Svedin, at a ceremony in mid-May.

Marie Westrin has played a key role in the development of new mobile networks. She is responsible for the whole development span of Ericsson's radio network, including operation and maintenance. She now becomes honorary doctor of Technology for her contributions to Swedish research in information and communications technology. She has been the initiator of, and participated in, several research collaborations, which have included researchers at Linköping University.

Marie Westrin studied for her M.Sc. in Physics and Electrical Engineering at Linköping University, and is often put forward as a role model for today's students.

The Belgian Professor Michel Gevers is also appointed honorary doctor of Technology. He is an internationally renowned researcher in the field of automatic control and systems engineering and has, for example, led high-profile projects to develop models for the regulation of industrial processes.

He has also contributed to technical research at Linköping University as an advisor and through organised research exchanges.

Professor Richard P Ellen , University of Toronto, Canada is awarded an honorary doctorate in Medicine. As part of his research he studies the bacteria in the oral cavity and their role in chronic inflammation of the gum pockets, so-called periodontitis, leading to loosening and loss of teeth.

Over the years, Professor Ellen has had many contacts with the Faculty of Health in the form of joint studies, research exchanges and networking.

The Faculty of Arts has awarded Professor Uno Svedin an honorary doctorate. Since the early 1980s he has been a major player in research politics and policy, where he has been a strong advocate for the development of interdisciplinary approaches. He has actively participated in many interdisciplinary research collaborations and was previously international director at the Research Council Formas.

Uno Svedin has over three decades had close and extensive contacts with the Faculty of Arts and was for a while adjunct professor at the Department of Water and Environmental Studies.

All honorary doctors will be formally appointed at the conferment ceremony in Linköping on May 22.

Therese Winder 2010-03-02

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