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New graduate school in the field of hearing an deafness

Greater knowledge of hearing and deafness is the goal of the new Swedish graduate school HEAD.

HEAD stands for "HEaring And Deafness". The graduate school is run in collaboration between the universities of Linköping and Örebro within the framework of the interdisciplinary Swedish Institute for Disability Research (SIDR). It is funded by the Swedish Research Council for five years and the research training drive in this field is seen in a long-term perspective.

HEAD stands not only for the graduate school but also for a well-established field of research within SIDR. Several of the doctoral students, postdocs and professors affiliated to SIDR carry on research within this field. A new group of HEAD doctoral students start their research training during spring term 2008.

The graduate school has an interdisciplinary profile and an educational philosophy that is student centered and problem based.

Research projects illuminate two central dimensions: individual-society and arts-sciences. Exemples of hearing and deafness phenomena studied during training may include: growing up with a cochlear implant (a surgically fitted form of hearing aid), coping with noise at work, learning to live with tinnitus, or how hearing aid fitting can take into account individual neural, sensory, cognitive and social parameters.

The HEAD graduate school also constitutes an excellent forum for developing links between the world of research, user organisations and industry. These links are vital for disseminating knowledge on hearing and deafness in settings where it can boost understanding for function and disability as well as development of technical aids.

For more information please contact: Director of Studies, Mary Rudner, mary.rudner@liu.se, +46 13 282157


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