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LiU honors six distinguished individuals with doctorate titles

Linköping University will confer honorary degrees on three Swedes, all prominent in their chosen fields, and three distinguished researchers whose work is recognized by their international peers.

Gerda Antti is one of Sweden's most widely read authors, known for her biting sense of humor and sharp pen. Her depictions of rural life are rich in imagery and realistically portrayed. Since her literary debut in 1961, she has published essays, newspaper columns, short stories and novels.

Gerda Antti is committed to a wide range of social issues including children's rights, public health, gender issues, refugee policies, the circumstances of the aged, allocation of public resources and its concomitant accountability. Her public service includes political offices on local and county levels. Gerda Antti was born in the far north of Sweden, but has resided for many years in Östergötland County. She will be honored by the Faculty of Health Sciences with an honorary degree in medicine.

The Faculty of Health Sciences will also confer an honorary degree on Dr. Christopher K. Glass, professor of cellular and molecular medicine at the University of California, San Diego, UCSD. The research of Professor Glass focuses on the pathogeny of significant areas, including inflammation, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease.

He has a 15-year scientific collaboration with researchers at LiUs Faculty of Health Sciences. His ties to LiU include roles as guest lecturer and leading seminars, jointly authored scientific papers, advisor to doctoral students. He has graciously hosted students and faculty at UCSD. The scientific contributions of Professor Glass have attracted wide international notice and given rise to frequent citations in scientific publications.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences will honor the artist Bertil Almlöf as recipient of the title of honorary doctor. The Faculty wishes to recognize Bertil Almlöf's artistic oeuvre which is a contribution to the public debate on contemporary social and environmental issues.

Bertil Almlöf, who is widely known as a landscape painter, has created expressive and colorful panoramas of the Östergötlandian plain land. His art combines a fine esthetic expression with a distinct stance for conservation of nature and the environment and the development of a compassionate society.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is proud to confer an honorary doctorate on professor and historian Paula S. Fass, whose current academic setting is the University of California, Berkeley. Paula S. Fass has made trailblazing contributions to child and childhood studies. Notably, she is the driving force behind the Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood in History and Society, and serves as its editor-in-chief.

Professor Fass has edited and authored several books in the field of child studies. Special mention is made of her work about children and globalization, and further, a history of child abduction in the United States.

Paula S. Fass collaborates with child studies researchers at Tema Institute. During the fall of 2008, Professor Fass will be guest researcher at LiU.

Mr. Bengt Åke Bengtsson, owner and Group CEO of Boxholms AB, will receive an honorary degree from the Institute of Technology. Mr. Bengtsson is esteemed as a key player in Östergötlandian industry and business, particularly as a representative of the small and medium-sized businesses.

He has had a close connection to Linköping University for three decades and made significant contributions to interaction between the university and regional industry. Mr. Bengtsson was a board member during the build-up of the research school IMIE in the mid-nineties and has been a much-appreciated lecturer in the Industrial Engineering and Management study program.

The title of honorary doctor of engineering will be bestowed on Professor Malik Ghallab, Delegate General for the major French IT research institute INRIA (Innovation Research and Technology Transfers). Dr. Ghallab is in charge of INIRA applications projects, industrial relations and international liaisons. He is an eminent researcher in autonomous knowledge-based control systems.

Dr. Ghallab has collaborated with several LiU researchers and had an instrumental role in the WITAS project for autonomous aircraft. Currently he is associate advisor at the LiU research center MOVII – models, visualization and information integration—one of LiUs most robust research settings and funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.

The services of these distinguished nominees will be recognized at a conferring ceremony on May 17.


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