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LiU engineering professor is speaker at AATS

Matts Karlsson, professor in biomedical modeling and simulation, is invited to speak at the 2008 convention of the American Association for Thoracic Surgery, AATS.

Professor Karlsson will hold a basic science lecture on the ties between engineering science and biomechanics as these topics relate to diagnostics and treatment options for cardiovascular disease. The AATS convention will be held in San Diego, California in May 2008.

"It is a tremendous honor to receive a speaker's invitation from AATS," says Matts Karlsson. "It is humbling to be invited to share cross-disciplinary knowledge with several thousand of the world's most prominent heart surgeons."

When asked why he was chosen as speaker, Matts Karlsson replies, "My research field has bearing on diagnostics. My interest dates from my post-doc years at Stanford. By happy chance, D. Craig Miller, one of the most outstanding American heart surgeons, was then one of my laboratory colleagues."


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