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MSEK 182 of funds to LiU researchers

During recent weeks, the importance and promise of research at LiU has been recognized by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) and other prominent research backers. A total of MSEK 182 is channeled to projects as diverse as new materials, cancer, computer games and interactive dialogues.

The Council's annual announcement of new research subsidization includes a noteworthy MSEK 135 to LiU. In most cases, funding will span a three-year horizon.

More than half of the amount received from the Council, MSEK 72, benefits research in the natural sciences and engineering. The largest single donation goes to Fredrik Gustafsson, professor in Sensor Informatics at the Department of Electrical Engineering, who receives a grant of MSEK 4.5 for studies of sensor fusion application. Sensor fusion is the combining of sensory data from one or disparate sources to improve the overview of a system, for instance to determine the position of moving objects. Other grants from the Council are earmarked for materials research and computer science research.

MSEK 35 is dedicated for research in the field of medicine. The lion's share goes to Peter Strålfors, professor in cell biology, whereof MSEK 2.7 is for a project on metabolism and insulin control in fatty cells, and another MSEK 1.6 will be for a guest professor from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

In the field of education, LiU researchers are awarded MSEK 18. A major grant, MSEK 4.2, goes to Erik Olsson, associate professor and senior lecturer in Ethnic Studies, to explore the subject of transnational careers in education. Other LiU researchers will benefit from grants to study directives in teacher education in Scandinavia, informal learning through computer games and acquisition of emotional skills.

A further MSEK 10 is distributed by the Swedish Research Council for projects in the humanities and social sciences. This includes studies in forensic medicine and guidellines to assess prospective adoptive parents.

And there is more! LiU researchers have pulled in nearly one third of the funding made available from the Swedish Energy Agency for basic research in energy during the coming three years. All in all, MSEK 13.5, of which nearly MSEK 4 goes to Professor Olle Inganäs for research on polymer solar cells.

The Formas Scientific Council distributes MSEK 12, of which nearly MSEK 4 is earmarked for studies on egg production and behavior of hens, the most important animal in the foodstuffs industry.

The Swedish Cancer Society donates MSEK 11 to LiU researchers for one study on estrogen and breast cancer, and for another directed toward biomarkers for early screening of colorectal carcinogenesis.

Researcher Jakob Cromdal, whose research concerns interactive dialogue, has been awarded nearly MSEK 4 from the Stiftelsen Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, a foundation set up by Sweden's central bank and authority. Professor Cromdal will study dialogue interaction on the basis of SOS calls to emergency call centers from callers who have Swedish as a second language.


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Last updated: 2009-06-03