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Excellence in industrial robots

ProViking is a Graduate School working in the area of product realization (product development, manufacturing, product support and maintenance) in a life-cycle perspective. Of the 18 projects in the research program, an international scientist jury has judged three to be Excellent, including Flexible and Accurate Automation, headed up by Mats Björkman, professor in assembly technology.

This LiU research project explores ways to make industrial robots in automatic assembly systems more human-like, make them flexible and sensitive for precise function.

"It is fairly easy for a human being to realize when things begin to go wrong and remedy it. If a drill glides outside its designated area, we see it and can hold it back. But an industrial robot cannot adjust its strength," explains Mats Björkman.

Until now. The Flexible and Accurate Automation project, conducted by LiU and Lund University researchers, has successfully developed software that adjusts robot activity through signals from several measuring systems and sensors to achieve intelligent robots. The industrial robot has taken a step closer to mimicking human senses.

"Our solution allows the robot's position to be updated 250 time each second," explains Mats Björkman.

The project began as recently as 2004 and will be terminated this year. It has cost around MSEK 14, MSEK 6 of which was supplied by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, the financial backer of ProViking. Industrial partners were Saab Aerostructures and ABB Robotics. The research team developed a method for automatic drilling in aircraft plates, whereby the robot can compensate pressures that change during the operation.


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Last updated: 2009-06-03