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MSEK 30 investment for environmental engineering research

The Tekniska Verken Group in Linköping, whose cornerstones are energy and environmental services will invest MSEK 30 over a ten-year horizon to support environmental engineering research at LiU.

The collaboration agreement was recently signed by Mille Millnert, President and Rector of Linköping University, and Stig Holm, President and CEO of the Group (photo). A new chair will be established in the field of industrial ecology.

This investment will have a significant impact on the regional center for environmental engineering which is currently being set up by the municipalities of Linköping and Norrköping, regional representatives of trade and industry and LiU.

"The scholar we seek will be an internationally recognized researcher capable of enthusing the university's environmental research to achieve coordinated goals," says Rector Millnert.

"It is a complex task that deals with seeking solutions for a sustainable society, emphasizing ecological factors and being a commercially viable undertaking. It will benefit continued development of our regional well-being," he goes on.

Half of the investment funding is earmarked for the professorship costs, while the remainder will be funneled to special research projects.

"We want to establish research that will benefit both the Group and other industrial players. Broadly speaking, it will be about climate issues, securing future energy and water resources, and solar energy technology. The challenges are myriad," says CEO Holm, "and urgent."

LiU already has around 150 scholars who are involved in environment-related research. It is logical to create an umbrella organization with a systems perspective.

"The field of industrial ecology requires a systems outlook to deal with the flow of materials and energy in a way that protects our natural environment. Nature operates in cycles, natural waste becomes a natural resource. That perspective is what we strive for at LiU and the Tekniska Verken Group," says Mats Eklund, professor of industrial environment technology and the university liaison in the discussions of an environmental engineering center.


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Last updated: 2009-06-03