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Regional business incubators join forces

The business incubators in Linköping and Norrköping will gather their chicks under one roof owned by LiU.

The new firm is a step in LiUs expanded emphasis on commercializing the innovations resulting from academic study.

Mjärdevi Business Incubator in Linköping and the Norrköping Science Park Incubator rank among the most successful in Sweden. The new constellation will have greater resources to guide a greater number of spin-offs from start-up to fully fledged business, which in turn will benefit the national economy.

The reorganized business incubator is expected to nurture thirty new businesses in varying degrees of self-sufficiency. The annual intake will be ten, and ten firms who have matured over a three-year period will launch out on their own.

"In a regional perspective, the merger is highly beneficial. We are consolidating and focusing our resources to create spin-offs that will generate jobs," says Mille Millnert, LiUs Rector and President.

The new firms that are guided through the incubator process will also have many benefits, such as professional coaching in the areas that can make or break a beginner. Linköping and Norrköping respectively will continue to build on and build up the characteristic industrial strengths within the region.

"We expect to attract more firms with high potential, and a greater number of partners and risk capital investors. Strong financial ground is necessary for stability and a strong business profile," says Mille Millnert.


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Last updated: 2009-06-03