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Akzo Nobel Science Award to Anders Ynnerman

Professor Anders Ynnerman at Linköping University is the 2007 recipient of the Akzo Nobel Science Award which brings with it half a million Swedish kronor (55 000 euro).

”For his epoch-making contributions in virtual touching and the visualization of real-time data.” This, in translation, is the official announcement of the prize.

"Anders Ynnerman conducts research that advances science," says Kerstin Sirvell, chairman of the awards jury at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).

The award, which is intended to encourage border-crossing research, stems from a donation from the international chemicals company Akzo Nobel. Since 1999 it has been presented in Sweden and Holland in alternate years.

"This is the finest event of my research career," says Anders Ynnerman. But I recognize that scientific progress builds on the effort of many individuals. Therefore I will earmark part of this prize sum to further the activities of students who go abroad to complete degree projects or similar studies."

Professor Ynnerman is a relatively young researcher, only forty-four. He joined the LiU staff in 1999. The following year he set up the Norrköping Visualization and Interaction Studio (NVIS), now one of the nation's leading research settings in visualization and computer graphics. The NVIS has a virtual experience center which is open to the public.

Professor Ynnerman heads up a research sector focused on volume rendering, display of image banks and virtual reality experience.

Professor Ynnerman has a leading role at the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), a multidisciplinary research center. He upholds several national scientific positions, including that of board member at the Swedish Research Council.


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