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LiUs first post-doctoral fellows

Another milestone! LiUs first post-doc appointments are a vital part of the university's strategic investment in the future. The four research associates were all recruited in international competition.

The naming of these research associates is a key step in the university's strategic planning to maintain a high scholarly competence despite impending retirement of key faculty members.

The pioneer post-docs are presented herewith;

Mattias Alenius, 35 years of age, is a neural biologist who explores how a nerve cell comprehends and fulfills its function. He is specialized on the olfactory mechanism of fruit flies and has to date identified 200 genes that steer the cell's activity.

Mattias Alenius presented his dissertation at Umeå University, Sweden, and has since then held a post-doc fellowship in Vienna, Austria. He will take up the post of research associate at the Department of Biomedicine and Surgery.

David Engblom, 31, also a neural biologist, is specialized on nausea. What causes fever and pain? His findings can lead to designed drugs with reduced side-effects.

David Engblom was educated at Linköping University and after his thesis presentation he has done post-doc work to the Cancer Research Center at Heidelberg. He too will work at the Department of Biomedicine and Surgery.

Johanna Rosén, 31 år, is a theoretical physicist who seeks the perfect surface. She works with surface coatings applied through vapor deposition.

After completing her studies at LiU, Johanna Rosén held scientific research positions in Germany, Australia and the University of California, Berkeley. She is now setting up her own laboratory at LiUs Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Kristin Zeiler, aged 33, has medicine and religious studies among her educational merits. Her area of research is bioethics. Issues of significance in contemporary society include the definition of death (brain death vs. cardiac death) and living donors of organs.

Kristin Zeiler presented her thesis at the Department of Health and Society, Tema Institute, LiU. She has been visiting research scientist in Italy, Wales and Switzerland. Kristin will take up the LiU post of research associate at the Department of Health and Society.


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Last updated: 2009-06-03