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Welcome to Junior Faculty - LiU 

Welcome to junior faculty

Junior Faculty at Linköping University is the network for future research leaders. The Junior Faculty, encompassing all faculties, is an arena for information and knowledge exchange for early-career academics, i.e. for postdoctoral researchers and teachers with an aim toward docentship.


Due to COVID-19, the Junior Faculty is still active but all organised events are held online and announced here.


22-23/9 AND 24-25/9 How to write successful grant applications by ELEVATE SCIENTIFIC


Platform: Zoom (workshop 1 on 22-23/9, workshop 2 on 24-25/9)


8 weeks seminar: “Active Grant Writing program” by Rolf SAAGER

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Who is this active writing program for?  This will focus exclusively on the VR Starting Grant (both for MH and NT), so anyone who has received a PhD 2-7 years prior is eligible to apply for this grant (March 2019-March 2014 for Medicine and Health, April 2019-2014 for Science and Engineering)

What will this program cover?  We will cover all elements required for these VR applications (covering the topics and strategies raised in the Elevate Workshop, but now applying/reinforcing them directly to the topics/needs of your specific application) The end goal is to produce a completed grant application to be submitted for the upcoming VR Deadline (March/April)

How will this program work?  We will meet weekly over ~8 weeks where specific components of the application will be discussed one week and then the following week you will bring drafts of those sections for peer review and discussion.  The goal here is to get feedback from your peers on clarity and impact, but also for you to see how others in different research areas also approach these sections to broaden your writing skills and perspectives.  Participants will be expected to be actively writing during this period.

By starting this active writing series in the fall, the goal is to provide time to develop your proposal, well before the VR deadlines (March/April).  This will also provide the opportunity to follow-up in January/February to discuss any remaining questions or concerns, should there be interest.

Please send an email if you are interested in participating in this program to Rolf SAAGER rolf.saager@liu.se


For security reason, the link to the zoom meeting will not be made public. If you wish to attend, please send us an email @ juniorfaculty@liu.se

To become a member of LiU JFC, register at www.liu.se/juniorfaculty.

Free membership will allow you to receive our newsletter and announcement of event of interest for your career.


September 10-11th 2020: LiU JF attends bi-annual National Junior Faculty meeting on Zoom



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