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 Taking an active interest in Junior Faculty

Our most visible activity is the Junior Faculty seminar series, which typically takes place once per month, with seminars and workshops that are relevant to the skill development and career strategy of junior researchers. Webinar series are also organised in collaboration with National Junior Faculty of Sweden! follow the news!

In LiU-Junior Faculty, it is possible to get actively involved in working towards the aims (see About Junior Faculty). There are three instances in which one can get involved:

  • Faculty-specific work groups - Here we work with questions and activities that are specific to the junior researchers of the faculties of LiU.
  • Steering group - Here we work with university wide questions and interdisciplinary activities.
  • Junior Faculty Office - This is where our administrative work is performed.


Junior Faculty Organization

LiU Junior Faculty is currently restructuring its activities and boards. Traditionally, JFC has consisted of three active parts at each faculty:

Coordination of the network, information and activities

Contact LiU-JF Office

Junior Faculty Boards (Not Current):

JF Board at the department of Health Sciences (Not Current)

JF Faculty of Health Sciences

JF Board at the department of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Educational Sciences (Not Current)

JF Arts and Sciences and Education Sciences

JF Board at the Institute of Technology (Not Current)

JF Institute of Technology

Happening NOW



We are very proud to announce that the board decides to attribute the 2020 prize to the GRANTS OFFICE for their amazing work and support for the early career Researcher. The GRANTS OFFICE, represented by Agneta Jansson, Head of Grants Office, is a very important organization for the establishement of young researchers as independant researchers, aiming to support them in their funding search to develop their own project.


The prize was given at the digital Career Day, organized with Forum Scientium (December 7th).


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