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Welcome to JF at the Faculty of Health Sciences

Junior faculty at the Faculty of Health Sciences is striving to build and maintain a network of junior researchers holding a position at LiU. The network meet about three to four times per semester to discuss topics of relevance.

Lately, one main focus has been set on how to minimize the gap and facilitate collaboration between basic research and applied research in clinical settings.

Note, we arrange activities for JF Faculty of Health Sciences, for activities within Junior Faculty Club (all faculties) see www.liu.se/juniorfaculty/club.


JF HU working group

Sofia Ramström, IKE (contact person) sofia.ramstrom@liu.se

Ann-Charlotte Johansson, IKE

Annika Thorsell, IKE
Camilla Nilsberth, IKE
Chamilly Evaldsson; IKE
David Engblom, IKE
Katarina Kågedal, IKE
Maria Jenmalm, IKE
Maria Lerm, IKE
Mattias Alenius, IKE
Petra Wäster, IKE
Petter Dyverfeldt, IMH
Tino Kurz, IMH


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Last updated: 2013-12-04