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Support for new recruits

LiU employs a coordinator who supports new recruits and helps them find their feet.  The coordinator also works within the Speja network, a network of private and public sector employers in the Linköping region who cooperate to find holistic solutions for the whole family, including finding a home, childcare, a job, etc, for the accompanying partner.

Meet Anica Nordfelt, LiU’s coordinator for new recruits

A new job sometimes entails relocating an entire family. At LiU Anica Nordfelt is on hand to help new arrivals to settle in.

Anica Nordfeldt“The world class researchers recruited at LiU have demanding jobs, and for them to be able to do their best it is important that their home lives are functioning.  We believe this is an area where we have a responsibility to assist with practical matters", says Anica Nordfelt.

Her position as coordinator for new recruits is unique in Swedish academia.  She meets with the new recruits and their families at an early stage, finds out about their wishes in matters large and small, such as where to live, schools for children, hobbies and what jobs accompanying partners are looking for.

“A proper home is incredibly important. Sometimes I act as a guide, showing the new arrivals different areas, I facilitate contacts with estate agents and landlords and it’s not unheard of that I view properties myself and take photos that I then send via email”, says Anica.

The wishes are of course varied.  Some would like to live in the town centre whereas others discover the countryside.

Anica continues, “They are often surprised to see how incredibly beautiful the county of Östergötland is, especially to the south, towards the small towns of Rimforsa and Ydre.”

Another very important matter is education for any accompanying children.

“There is a choice of both Swedish and international schools” says Anica, who by now knows the pros and cons of both alternatives and which routes to take to quickly gain places for the children. 

For international recruits she also provides support in dealing with various authorities.

A fulfilled life outside work is of enormous importance for people to feel at home.

“We have a rich cultural life; there is a great variety on offer that I can inform about. This also includes societies”, Anica goes on to say.

Employment for a partner, however, is not something the university can guarantee.

“No, but there is a regional network called Speja, which focuses on these so-called tandem recruitments.  Representatives from municipalities, public health-care, council and private companies make up the members of this network.  In addition I do keep an eye on job adverts and can highlight ones I believe are suitable.

Is there anything you can not help with? 

Anica laughs: “A move has several phases.  I am available as long as the new recruits want my services.  If they do get a good start, however, it usually does not take long before they feel established.” 

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Contact details

Anica Nordfeldt
telephone: +46 (0)13 28 28 30
email: anica.nordfeldt@liu.se
homepage: www.speja.nu

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