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Goal of the Wireless Systems Profile

Our goal is to inspire students with the state-of-the-art of wireless communication electronics. After learning the courses in this profile, you will be powered with knowledge of radio frequency (RF) and microwave circuit design, antenna theory and design, digital communication electronics, and wireless sensor networks, etc. Much of the knowledge is directly related to our research activities in the Communication Electronics research group.

Syllabus from Study Handbook

”Här ingår design av avancerade elektroniksystem med fokus på tillämpningar inom (trådlös) kommunikationselektronik.”

”Särskild specialisering sker på design av analog- och mixad analog/digital elektronik i RF-området.”

”Visst fokus ligger även på signalbehandling för digital kommunikation samt systemkonstruktion med hjälp av CAD.”

  • Multi-disciplinary approach
  • Electronic system development with in-depth understanding from circuit  to system level


Wireless System Profile idea



Profile scope


Engineering Tasks Engineering Tools
Digital communication systems Electronic design  Analytical models
Radio frequency systems Planning and optimizing Simulations
Wireless sensor networks Development Prototypes
Microwave systems Research   
Electromagnetic compability    
Electronic components    


Related Research

Our courses are closely related to our research activities in the research group Communication Electronics, including radio architecture and circuits for high speed data transmission and wireless sensor networks. In the middle of 2012, a spin-off company Wiotech AB was created in Norrköping based on the research results related to Internet of Things.

The research group Communcation Electronics aims at innovative technologies to deal with future electronic systems of high frequency and high data rate. Research activities include (1) high-speed wireless data transmission techniques for data rates above Gbit/s, (2) radio frequency (RF) design of broadband and multiband communication systems above GHz, and (3) low power and modular solutions for wireless sensor networks. More information can be seen at www.comelec.itn.liu.se


Master Thesis

The program ends with a 20-weeks full-time master thesis work. The work can be done externally with industries or internally cooperation with the research group. 

Course Code: TQET33

External master thesis
Industry-related work
Your own responsibility to find a subject

Internal master thesis
Research related work
Internally announced at: www.comelec.itn.liu.se or Thesis proposal


Wireless System profile description can also be found in pdf.


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