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The Ph.D. student should send in an application (pdf) to notify the Division Graduate Studies Coordinator that he or she intends to go up for examination no later than two months before the licentiate seminar.

The Division Graduate Studies Coordinator confirms the application and informs the Ph.D Student and her/his supervisor/s of the decision. In those cases where the supervisor and the Division Graduate Studies Coordinator is one and the same person, the decision is taken in the first place by the Director of Research Studies and otherwise by another Division Graduate Studies Coordinator.

After this, the application is passed on the Research administrator who then

  • Reports all the courses completed for licentiate degree in ladok.
  • Ensures that the decision is recorded
  • Ensures that a copy of the decision to FUN (the Board of PhD Studies) and TFK (the Administration of the Faculty of Technology) together with the thesis.


See http://www.lith.liu.se/forskarutbildning/for-doktorander/avhandling?l=en&sc=true

The department pays for the printing of the thesis to a maximum cost of SEK 1000. Any cost exceeding SEK 1000 will be paid by the division. Contact the printing office as soon as possible before the final printing and the mounting of the original will be done.
At least three weeks before the licentiate seminar, the thesis shall be distributed in accordance with what is given below :

  • The University library (3 copies)
  • PhD student (5 copies)
  • The research administrator (20 copies)

Of which
- Faculty - Maria Mitradjieva (1 copy) + copy of the decision.
- Campus Norrköping Library (CNB) – Anne Söderholm (1 copy)
- The department for the archives and for the staff room (2 copies)
- The Division Graduate Studies Coordinator
- Head of the Division and groups

  • Available at the seminar (40 copies)
  • Departments and groups within LiTH and other universities for whom the thesis could be of interest
  • Others

If the Ph D student so wishes, the thesis can be published in Linköping University Electronic Press, free of charge. The aim of the university is that every thesis will be published electronically.


The compulsory seminar shall normally be held in term-time. The research administrator will ensure that the seminiar is announced on ITN's home page at least three weeks beforehand with the following information: Who is taking the licentiate examination, the date, the time and place for the seminar and the name of the opponent and where he or she comes from


When all the different elements of the licentiate exam have been completed, the student should apply for a certificate http://www.student.liu.se/examen/forskarexamen/1.85815/ForskarutbH07.pdf (in Swedish)

Following documents shall be enclosed

  • Extract from Forskar-Ladok which shows that the courses and theoretical parts have been successfully completed – this is obtained from the Research Administrator
  • Certificate (protokoll) (pdf) from the supervisor – the original is recorded at the institution, a copy is given to the research administrator. A scanned copy is sent to foteam.examen@liu.se

The application is sent to Examensenheten. Both a Swedish and an English version of the certificate is drawn up.



The opponent receives a fee of SEK 5 000 and travel costs including hotel accommodation. The division pays the costs up to the amount that is decided within every division.


The division pays for a bouquet of flowers for the seminar as well as lunch for opponent, respondent, supervisor/s and representatives for the division.

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