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Admission to Doctoral studies

To be accepted as a Ph.D student you have to fill in the form called Application for Acceptance to Doctoral studies Ansökan om antagning till forskarutbildning (in swedish). Here you find instructions in english, how to fill in the form. This can also be obtained from the Research Administrator at your department. Study programmes available at ITN are listed on following website (in swedish). The completed, signed application form should then go to the Research Administrator, who ensures that the Head of the Department signs the application. If a student has graduated from a University other than Linköping University a copy of the diploma must be attached to the application. The Research Administrator will send the application and any diplomas enclosed to Student Centrum who will record the application in Ladok. A copy of the application will be sent back to the department and registered. The Research Administrator will make copies for the Ph.D student, the Supervisors, the Director of Research Studies, the Division Graduate Studies Coordinator and to him or herself. The Research Administrator will make sure that the Ph.D student is registered for the term. This is best done on admission. The Research Administrator registers preferably on admission, supervisor etc in the Ph.D student list.

Membership of the student association

Membership of the student association is voluntarily for those who study at Universities and Institutes of Higher Education /SFS 1983:18§4). Contact the reception at Kårallen, Linköping 013-28 28 82 or info@ks.liu.se, if you want a membership.

Employment as a Ph. D student

A person employed as a Ph.D student has the same rights and duties as a normal employee. As a Ph.D student you are employed for one year at a time (4 years of full-time study for a maximum of 8 years). All Ph.D students are guaranteed financing during the whole period of their employment up until the completion of the licentiate or doctorate studies (depending upon which the student was accepted for), and on condition that expected study results are reached.

Non employed Ph. D student

A Ph.D student can be financed from somewhere other than Linköping University. To be accepted as such Ph.D student at ITN you must be able to guarantee the financing of the entire research training period. The supervisor must be employed at Linköping University. The department accepts no responsibility if, for example, the company that the Ph.D student is employed by get financial difficulties, even if they are so serious that the Ph.D student has to leave the programme.

The same rules apply for these Ph.D students as for employed candidates, with regard to acceptance, membership of the student association, supervision, individual study programme, review meeting, courses and examination.

Salary scale

Ph.D student will have his/her salary rise followed by this scale for the period of 2019 years salary.

29,600 - Initial salary
30,600 - When 30 % of the requirements’ for the doctorate have been fulfilled.
33,200 - On receiving the licentiate or when 60 % of the requirements’ for the doctorate have been fulfilled.

These steps take place the calendar month after the conditions have been fulfilled. It is the supervisor together with the Ph.D student, who decides when 30 % rep. 60 % has been reached. The supervisor informs the Salary of Administration when the Ph.D student should receive the rise in wages.

Eventual adjustment to the salary scale will be made together with the general salary audit.

For those Ph.D students who are member of the federation of trade unions will receive an extra 250 SEK per month, and this is paid out once a year.


Each Ph.D student has the right to guidance during the entire research education period. The Head of the Department appoint at least two supervisors, one of them is appointed as main supervisor. The main supervisor shall precise the demands of knowledge in the study programme. The student can apply to switch supervisor to the Head of the Department. The Head of the Department evaluates and makes the decision on delegation from the Department Board. The decision is recorded and a copy of the decision is given to the Research Administrator who will change in Ladok. A copy should be sent to the Fu nämnden (Research Study Board) See also Supervision doctorial studies. The main supervisor is responsible for the entire research education. As a complement to the main supervisor a mentor can be appointed. If necessary, for example if there is a conflict between the Ph.D student and the main supervisor or if one of them feels that a conflict is on its way, the Division Graduate Studies Coordinator can be contacted for support. These conversations can be completely confidential.


Individual study plan

No more than a month after the acceptance the main supervisor and the Ph.D student shall present Individual study plan, which means that a preliminary work plan is made for the entire study period until the licentiate or doctoral examination. Ph.D student, main supervisor and the Head of the Department have to sign the individual study programme. The original is sent to the Research Administrator who makes sure that the study programme is registered and puts the information in research ladok and also makes copies for the Ph.D student, main Supervisor, co-supervisor, the Division Graduate Studies Coordinator and copies for him or herself. The Research Administrator register date and record number for the individual study programme in to SA92 in ladok and puts in the information also about the time for the licentiate exam and disputation in the Ph.D student’s list. The appendix is saved by the Research Administrator. After graduation the individual study programme is archived.


Review meeting

The studies shall continuously be followed up by the supervisor. The study programme shall be discussed and eventually revised at least once a year in connection with the student’s employment renewal. When it is time for the contract to be renewed the Salary Administrator informs the Director of Research Studies who contacts the supervisor and makes an appointment for a review meeting. See also Annual review of graduate studies – Roadmap. The PhD student, supervisor/s, the Division Graduate Studies Coordinator must attend during the meeting. If one of the participants so wish, the Head of the Department can also attend. Stand in for Division Graduate Studies Coordinator at Annual review meetings when he or she is the supervisor - Head of division (or another Division Graduate Studies Coordinator). At the review meeting the Ph.D student’s results should be discussed, the time plan examined and eventually revised. When the review meeting is approved the Division Graduate Studies Coordinator will inform the Salary Administrator about any alternation/changes. The revised individual study programme shall be given to the Research Administrator who makes sure that the study programme is registered and also makes copies for the Ph.D student, main Supervisor, co-supervisor, Division Graduate Studies Coordinator and copies for him or herself. The Research Administrator puts in the information also about the time for the licentiate exam and disputation in the Ph.D student’s list.

Work situation review

Each year, the supervisor shall have a work situation review with the Ph.D student. These conversations shall be held in accordance with the praxis of the department.


Courses for doctoral studies given at LiTH are shown on LITH:s website. Courses given by ITN are shown on ITNs website.

The number of points required for each respective area of research studies will be clarified by the study programme.
The Supervisor decides which courses are to be included in the doctorial studies.

Courses for doctoral studies can also be taken at other Universities.

The supervisor is the examiner for those doctorial study courses for which a separate examinator has not been appointed.

All candidates for the doctoral examination at Linköpings University must take the courses Research Ethics (2 hp), and Methodology of Science and Technology (4 hp) which the university arranges. Candidates engaged in teaching should take a basic course in teaching/pedagogy (minimum 3 hp). The courses can be included as part of the research studies and each division pays the costs.


Registration of study results

When a course has been completed the examiner should give the result to the Research Administrator for registration in Ladok. If the Ph.D student takes other courses at other departments at Linköpings University, the results will be registered by the respective department.

If the Ph.D. Student wants to take a course at an undergraduate level the Ph.D. Student contact the Director of Studies for Undergraduate Program at the department that gives the course. After completing the Course the Examinator reports the Course as a graduate course.

If the Ph.D student takes courses at other universities or similar seats of higher education the Ph.D student applies to get the course accepted on this form (in swedish). The application is confirmed by the supervisor and the Division Graduate Studies Coordinator and sent to the Director of Graduate Studies for approval. The approval is sent to the Research Administration for registration in Ladok.

The Research Administrator will register 50 % of the research studies when the Ph.D student has completed the licentiate exam. When the Ph.D student wishes to hold a dissertation the Research Administrator will register 80 % of the research studies.


Discontinuation of research studies

If the Ph.D. Student decides to discontinue his or her research studies before final examination he or she needs to get deregistred by filling in the form Discontinuation Intermission of research studies at ITN (in swedish - Avbrytande av forskarutbildning vid ITN”) and send to the registrar at ITN. Registrar send a copy to the research administrator who report intermission in ladok. 


Exam for Licentiate
Exam for Ph D

Activity and support

In connection to the final budget (June and December) the Research Administrator will report activities and support for the departments Ph.D students. Activity = how many percent of his or her time that the Ph.D student has spent on studies. Support = how the students are financed. The information is sent to”Statistiska Centralbyrån” and ”Högskoleverket” for statistical following up

More information

For more information see at LITH:s website for research study/educational programs (in Swedish)


Head of the Department - Martin Rantzer
Head of Administration - Magnus Glänneskog
HR - Martina Klefbeck (MIT, FEM, KTS), Annelie Westerberg (LOE)
Director of Research Studies - Pierangelo Dell'Acqua
Division Graduate Studies Coordinators: 
  LOE, FEM - Igor Zozoulenko
  KTS - Johan M Karlsson
  MIT - Pierangelo Dell¿Acqua
Research Administrators:
  LOE, FEM - Marie-Louise Gustafsson, Lesley Bornhöft
  KTS - Viveka Nilson
  MIT - Gun-Britt Löfgren, Eva Skärblom







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