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No later than 3 months before the defendence of the doctor’s thesis, your supervisor should send in an application to Fu-nämnden (the Research Study Board) informing them that you intend to defend your doctor’s thesis. A nearly-finished version of the thesis should be sent to the examining committee (betygsnämnden) at the latest 4 weeks before "spikning". For more information see:

Application form for thesis defense (PDF, requires Adobe)>>

Information from the Technical Faculty>>

Checklist for preparing the thesis and defense>>

Before sending the application to the Fu-nämnden (the Research Study Board) the supervisor should contact the research administrator to make sure that no other dissertation are planned within the division at the same date.

The application will be registered. Send a copy of the application to the research administrator who will then report all courses passed for doctoral exam in Ladok.

The supervisor will be called to Fu-nämnden (the Research Study Board) (or to the Chairman of the Board) to handle the case and will then briefly describe the content of the dissertation and other facts that might be of interest to the board. The choice of faculty opponent and examination board shall be motivated.

Fu-nämnden (the Research Study Board) confirms the application and sends a copy of the decision of the Board to the Ph D student.

In connection with the application you ought to book a room.


Dissertation and printing

See http://www.lith.liu.se/forskarutbildning/for-doktorander/avhandling?l=en&sc=true
At least 110 copies of the thesis should be printed. However, if the thesis is published electronically, 70 printed copies suffice. The department pays for the printing of the thesis to a maximum cost of SEK 10 000. Any cost exceeding SEK 10 000 will be paid by the division. Contact the printing office as soon as possible before the final printing and the mounting of the original will be done.

At least three weeks before the defendence, the thesis shall be distributed as follows:

  • The University Library (40 copies including the so-called ”spikblad”, if it is published electronically only 10 copies including the so-called ”spikblad”) – a receipt is needed
  • The research administrator (70 copies) – a receipt is needed
  • PhD student (10 copies)

Of which
- 10 copies are intended for the opponent, examination board and the nailing
- At least 40 copies should be available at the defendence
- The archive for the department and to the staff room - registrar (3 copies)
- The Campus Norrköping Library – Anne Söderholm
- The Division Graduate Studies Coordinator
- Head of Division and groups

  • Departments and groups within LiTH and other universities that could be interested
  • Others

Nailing see https://www.lith.liu.se/forskarutbildning/for-doktorander/spikning-av-avhandling?l=sv

ITN is responsible for announcing the defense of LiU's Calendar.



The compulsory seminar shall normally be held in semester period. The research administrator will ensure that the seminar is sent to the department webmaster at least three weeks beforehand with the following information: Name of Ph D student, the date, the time and place for the seminar and the name of the opponent and where he or she comes from


Certificate and Commencement ceremony

See http://www.student.liu.se/examen/forskarexamen/1.85815/ForskarutbH07.pdf 

Print out from Ladok proving that courses have been completed – contact your research administrator.


The opponent receives a fee of SEK 10 000, and travel costs including accommodation. The board of examiners also receives expenses for travel and accommodation. The division pays the costs up to the amount that is decided within every division.


After the meeting that follows the defence, minutes of the meeting (in Swedish) are signed and sent to the registrar in Origo for recording and filing.

The division pays for

  • One bouquets of flowers
  • Mineral water for the defendence
  • Lunch for the opponent, respondent, supervisor, board of examiners and representatives for the division.

More information is available in Study Handbook>>


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