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News from the Swedish Migration Agency


  • Practices change - two-year residence permit for students

The Swedish Migration Agency has changed its practice regarding the length of residence permits for PhD students.

A PhD student can now obtain a residence permit valid for two years, provided that all conditions, such as being able to demonstrate a means of support, are met. This is applicable not only for the first application for a residence permit: it applies also to extensions.

The revised practice also applies to co-applicants to PhD students. For information in Swedish, click here.


  • Checklist of information required for application: first residence permit for doctoral studies

The Swedish Migration Agency has developed a checklist for HEIs to use when they want to issue transcripts of records for first-time PhD students seeking residence permits.

The checklist lists the information that the Migration Agency needs in order to process an application for a first residence permit for PhD students. The Migration Agency encourages HEIs to use the checklist in order to obtain faster processing of first-time applications for PhD students. For the checklist in Swedish, click here.


  • Exchange PhD students


The Swedish Migration Agency has stated that exchange PhD students who are invited for study or research in Sweden as part of their education in another country should apply for a residence permit for a visit, and not a residence permit for visiting researchers.


It’s OK to top up income with a scholarship, but the university cannot employ exchange PhD students since such students are not allowed to work. A residence permit for a visit is granted for a maximum period of 1 year, and those with such a permit are thus not eligible for a Swedish personal registration number. In the current situation, residence permits for visits are never extended, but the Swedish Migration Agency is hoping to find a solution later. You cannot apply online, but must submit the application at a Swedish embassy or consulate general. The processing time is 1-2 months.

Students employed as research assistants before the admission seminar can still apply for a residence permit for guest researchers, but this is usually granted for only 6 months.


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