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Pages for employees at Linköping University. Here you can find useful information for your daily work at LiU.


Fishing hook collecting information from computer.

See through phishing and attempted fraud

IT security tip: there are some tests available to test how good you are to recognize phishing online. Do the tests – how good are you?

Pile of journals

Elsevier contract terminated

A national subscription contract between the Bibsam Consortium, of which LiU is a member, and scientific publishers Elsevier has been terminated. This may affect access to several important scientific journals.

Trafic sign Parking prohibited

Extended parking restrictions on Campus Valla

Problems with cars that use the car parks on Campus Valla for long-term parking are continuing. Akademiska Hus, therefore, has decided to prohibit overnight parking also in the car park at the Key Building.

The Norrköping Decision Arena

Open House

Come and visit the LiU Decision Arena with its all-round screens, and discover how you can use it. Snacks are on hand, and there’s the chance to win a two-hour session to use the arena.

Person using computer.

Preventive measures against viruses

IT security tips: Some problems can be avoided by installing an antivirus program, but it is also important that you take care when downloading files and programs from the internet.

Bomullsspinneriet Building

We’re moving out of the Bomullsspinneriet Building

LiU will be moving out of Bomullsspinneriet in June and around a hundred co-workers will move to new workplaces in the Täppan and Kåkenhus Buildings. Renovation has already started, and the pieces of the complex rearrangement puzzle are falling into place.

Orange envelope

Swedish pensions for the English speaking

Come visit us for your personal pension projection. Staff from the Swedish Pensions Agency (state pension) and the SPV (occupational pension) is available for a chat about the Swedish pension system in general and your personal future pension in particular.

Bild: Omslag LiU Fickfakta

Updated LiU brochures

The small printed brochure about Linköping University with figures from the latest annual report has been updated and is now available. The material exists both in English and Swedish.

Man in old student cap

Absolut spring

Dust of your student caps and celebrate Valborg on Walpurgis night the traditional Swedish way!

Illustration of infected computer.

What to do if your computer becomes infected

IT security tip: Disconnect from networks and don't switch off the computer. Contact the Helpdesk or the Incident Response Team (IRT) at the IT Division for support if you can't get rid of the virus yourself. Read more about this here.

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Does it pay to advertise?

Bild: Reklam på Corson

This is the sight that greeted folk on Corson a few weeks ago: a pizza company had blitzed the place with advertising signs in the ground and stuck to the lamp-posts. But is anyone allowed to advertise on campus, however they choose?






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