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Pages for employees at Linköping University. Here you can find useful information for your daily work at LiU.


Jessica Gidby and  Karin Gibson.

Network to support new staff

A good support network can be a decisive factor when it comes to choosing a university to work at. LiU has long had an informal network for supporting new international employees, which has now been formalised.

Sketch of Stellenbosch from theire webpage

Peace and quiet in Stellenbosch

Could you use a few months’ peace and quiet to write a book or research report? Or maybe you want to get down to planning a new project? If so, Stellenbosch in South Africa may be what you’re looking for – LiU researchers can stay there free of charge, financed by two Wallenberg foundations.

Illustration of a locked folder.

New guidelines for information security

All co-workers are expected to acquaint themselves with the new guidelines for information security and to follow them, in order to ensure high security at the university.

Bild: Blå Havet. Foto: LiU

Updated LiU presentations

The basic PowerPoint and Keynote presentation about Linköping University have been updated with figures from the latest annual report and new photos. If you are giving a presentation about LiU, use the new material, which exists both in English and Swedish.

Rektor Helen Dannetun

Dialogues that became signposts

This winter, the Vice-Chancellor invited for the first time co-workers to strategy dialogues. With hindsight, we can say that the dialogues fully satisfied the purpose that the university management had been hoping for.

Trafic sign

Heating switched off

Work on the district heating network is being carried out between the A Building and the Kårallen Building on Campus Valla. The work means that the district heating will be switched off 12-14 June.

Illustration showing incoming messages to computer.

How to send fax at LiU

There are still requirements for LiU to be reached via fax. Contact registrator, teleservice or student service desks to get assistance.

Vaskulär immunologi-forskning.

Grants Office seminar

Are you establishing a research career and interested in prestigious EU grants? Welcome to a seminar on grant opportunities and Grants Office support.

Fishing hook collecting information from computer.

See through phishing and attempted fraud

IT security tip: there are some tests available to test how good you are to recognize phishing online. Do the tests – how good are you?

Pile of journals

Elsevier contract terminated

A national subscription contract between the Bibsam Consortium, of which LiU is a member, and scientific publishers Elsevier has been terminated. This may affect access to several important scientific journals.

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Does it pay to advertise?

Bild: Reklam på Corson

This is the sight that greeted folk on Corson a few weeks ago: a pizza company had blitzed the place with advertising signs in the ground and stuck to the lamp-posts. But is anyone allowed to advertise on campus, however they choose?






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