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Application Form Spring 2021

Masters Students at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences/ Educational Sciences

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3 week Intensive courses (A1 and  A2 (intermediate level):  
starting date January  5th

Application deadline: November 29th

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Regular Semester Courses:

Study period: week 7 - week 23

part-time, evening or daytime classes on campus.

Application deadline: January 24th
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Important information about the courses.

Please choose only one A1 course, do not choose both the intensive one and the regular, it is the same course.

Specify in your application at what campus you want to study, Norrköping or Linköping (A1 and A2).

Please note that the number of places is limited and that there is no guarantee that you will be admitted.

1. Personal Data

Family Name *

First Name *

E-mail address *

Civic Registration Number or Temporary Personal ID Number *

  1. Civic Registration Number / Temporary Personal Identity Number:

6 digits for your date of birth (YYMMDD), followed by 4 digits or T/ P and 3 digits


Civic Registration Number: 751231-1234,

Temporary Personal Identity Number (given to students who do not yet have an official civic registration number): 51231-T123, 751231-P123.

If you have not yet  received an official or temporary Personal Identity Number: Please state your Date of Birth (YYMMDD)


2. Academic Data

INTENSIVE Courses in Swedish

There is a limited number of places available in our intensive Courses for Exchange students in January.

Level A1 (beginners' level) is designed to prepare for the autumn semester course at level A2 and the intermediate level for students with previous knowledge of Swedish should prepare for level B1:1 or B1:2.

Please note that the application deadline for the intensive courses in November 29th.

I apply for the following intensive course:
Intensive Course Level A1 (Beginners' Level)
Intensive Course (Intermediate Level)

SPRING SEMESTER Courses in Swedish

Please note that proof of previous studies is required for A2 or higher levels.

Please note that the application deadline for the semester courses is January 24th.


I apply for the following course:
Swedish for Foreign Students, Level A1
Swedish for Foreign Students, Level A2
Swedish for Foreign Students, Level B1:1
Swedish for Foreign Students, Level B1:2

Place of Study

Most courses are held in Linköping (Campus Valla) but if there are enough applicants we would be pleased to offer study opportunities in Norrköping as well. Please indicate your campus of preference. The courses at B1 level are currently only offered in Linköping.

My preferred campus:
Campus Norrköping
Campus Valla in Linköping

Present studies at Linköping University (or studies you have been admitted to): *

Previous Studies of Swedish

Please specify:

If you have previously studied Swedish at a different educational organisation than Linköping University, please send scanned transcripts/certificate to admissions@liu.se.

Additional comment

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