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Religious Studies


Bild Religionsvetenskap

Religious traditions have not been completely marginalized in the emergence of modern society. Rather, Swedish society has become a more multicultural society where religion is an important factor shaping identity. If that is so, we need to study religion in order to understand and work in our society.

An Exciting Field

Religious Studies is an exciting field with subjects like biblical studies, church history, history of religions, and systematic theology and ethics. We give you the opportunity to study a rich field of study, to discuss current issues, and to explore our past.

You will learn about Judasim, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, och their impact on life and society. A natural focus is on the Christian heritage that has dominated the West as well as on ethics and applied ethics.

One field, four subjects

At LiU the field of Religous Studies has four subjects:

  • Biblical Studies: The history, form, and theology of the Bible as well as its history of interpretation.
  • Church History: The history and development of the Christian church.
  • History of religions: The world-religions, ancient religions, and modern religious phenomena.
  • Systematic theology and ethics: Ethics and worldviews in Western cultures.

We also offer interdisciplinary courses in Religion and politics, and in Religion, violence, and terrorism.



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